Marek Materzok

About myself

I'm currently an assistant professor at the University of Wrocław, my current research topic is delimited control operators, in particular Danvy and Filinski's shift0.

I grew up in Nowa Ruda, a small town in south-western Poland. I taught myself programming and system administration at a very young age. (I was quite a nerd!) I have studied computer science at the University of Wrocław. My master's thesis, supervised by Jerzy Marcinkowski, involved creating an interactive theorem prover for teaching logic to university freshmen and high school students. My PhD thesis, supervised by Dariusz Biernacki and Jerzy Marcinkowski, is a study of the Danvy and Filinski's shift0 control operator.


My primary research interest is programming languages, including semantics, type systems and implementation. I'm also interested in formal logic and computer-assisted theorem proving.

My non-research interests include photography, electronics and (tandem) cycling.


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Undergrad projects and other achievements

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